“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

“Every child is an artist until he’s told he’s not an artist.” – John Lennon

“All children are artists and will remain so if they are not tricked or forced into the acceptance of adult standards.” – Dr Agnes Snyder

“Every child is an artist. Human society kills it in us before we reach maturity.” – Dudley Crafts Watson

“Every child is an artist, with imagination and the artistic instinct. Life stamps these out – and in only a few cases, those we call geniuses, do they rise.” – Percy MacKaye

A cookie cutter approach to education, a flawed education system, society, authority and peer pressure, a desire for acceptance and material gain all contributed to stamping out the artist in you. Unless you had a very obvious and exceptional talent or you were lucky enough to have progressive education, you were not encouraged to explore your creative side. And most of the exceptionally talented ones will eventually sell out to something because the system is designed that way. Those that don’t are often considered reclusive and mad.

Yes, there are many exceptions. People who have always followed their passion and those who have awakened and reignited the flame of their passion. Passion doesn’t die but it can be deeply buried. So how do you reignite your passion? Find what you love doing and start doing it. Even if in your spare time, for a start.

What is important is to LIVE YOUR PASSION, live for your passion and to SHARE YOUR PASSION for the greater good. That is what it means to live a life of purpose. You find your purpose through doing what you love.

What is the greater good? You do not have to reach millions of people or to save the planet (not all by yourself, not all at once). The greater good starts with you. How you live will affect everyone around you.

There is so much negative energy in the world and we need a lot more of the positive stuff. If we can reawaken the child in each of us and let go of the bullshit, if we can creatively explore what it is that we love to do, if we realise that everything and everyone is intrinsically linked, we can start to make a positive difference in the world, by making a positive change in us, and adding real value with our lives, as opposed to being stuck in an apathetic existence.

To find what you love, ask yourself what you loved to do as a child, back when you could do what you felt like doing. You may come up with a list of things that you love doing. Identify the one thing that you’re really good at, or could become good at, and that could add the most value, do that!

Grant Edwards
Founder/Adventurer at Soul Navigation Adventures
Grant Edwards is the founder of Soul Navigation Adventures. As a part time blogger and full time soul navigator his life purpose is to experience, and help others to experience, what a wonderful life this can be, and to espouse the need to make small changes in our lives so that we can become better, happier, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately more successful humans, who, through making positive change, will enable future generations to experience the adventure too. What will your legacy be? Your time starts now!