There are many trade-offs in life that we all have to make, or do we?

The donkey is looked after by the human in exchange for his or her labour (no, a donkey is not an “it”). Pigs, cows, sheep, turkeys and chickens were domesticated and looked after by the farmer (they were given protection from predators and their general wellbeing was maintained, I say were and was because although this animal husbandry does still exist, most animal agriculture has been industrialised and there is no regard for the animals welfare, only profit matters). So the farmer took care of the animals in exchange for their eggs, milk and eventually the ultimate sacrifice, their flesh. As absurd as this arrangement may seem these animals probably lived longer than they would have if they were not “owned” by their slave masters. This is a trade-off, although you could argue that it isn’t because the animals were not given a choice, just as human slaves were not given any choice, and we wouldn’t consider human slavery a trade-off, “you’re lucky that we stole you from Africa to work in our cotton fields, you would probably have ended up being a feast for Lions.” Anyway, I think I made a couple of points in there somewhere.

What about you? Are you free? Or have you made a trade-off? Did you have a choice?

It’s not easy to leave the farm, but there is always a choice!

Grant Edwards
Founder/Adventurer at Soul Navigation Adventures
Grant Edwards is the founder of Soul Navigation Adventures. As a part time blogger and full time soul navigator his life purpose is to experience, and help others to experience, what a wonderful life this can be, and to espouse the need to make small changes in our lives so that we can become better, happier, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately more successful humans, who, through making positive change, will enable future generations to experience the adventure too. What will your legacy be? Your time starts now!