I can remember how as a child I would go through to my parents’ bedroom on a Saturday morning and find them lazing in bed. I would ask what they were doing and my Dad would reply “feeling delicious”. I’m sure that many people can identify with that feeling, and it usually happens on a Saturday or if you’re on holiday. As a small child I couldn’t really identify with it (because to me that was probably such a common feeling unless I woke up feeling sick) but I used to smile when one of them said it because they looked happy and peaceful. As I grew I identified more and more, I would wake up on a Saturday feeling positively euphoric when it would dawn on me that it was the weekend. The feeling wasn’t as great on a Sunday as I knew that I had to get up for church and that it was school the next day. School holidays were filled with many euphoric awakenings. This just speaks to how the systems that govern our lives have us doing a lot of stuff that isn’t making us happy.

How would one describe that feeling of deliciousness? I would describe it as feeling relaxed yet excited (as opposed to anxious), and free (I can do whatever I feel like doing). Freedom is such a gift. You could choose to spend the time with loved ones, be it family, spouse, partner, dog, friends or by yourself. You could head down to the beach and put a boat in the water, don your running shoes and hit the trail, read a book, play the piano, go on a road trip, write a blog. Freedom is why you wake up feeling delicious. Unless, you have a raging hangover from a Friday night de-stress sesh, then feeling delicious wouldn’t describe Saturday morning at all. If you do find yourself in this situation, sometimes it seems unavoidable for some, do not go for a greasy breakfast, rehydrate rather on coconut water and organic veggie juice, and eat some dates as they will give you a natural energy boost. Next time, and there probably will be a next time, save yourself for a few drinks on Saturday night. You are probably not going to feel as great on Sunday anyway. You’ll enjoy your day as usual, with a nagging sense of freedom slipping away. Unless you’re Mick Jagger in which case you don’t give a shit what day of the week it is, or if you’re Keith Richards, in which case you’re probably not sure what day of the week it is. I’m speaking to the working class here, your goal in life should be to find your purpose and feel delicious all of the time (sober mind you, getting high means that a downer is imminent).

You can beat addiction, depression, and toxic TV by using your time wisely, especially if your free time is severely limited, make the most of it, whatever it is that you do, ask yourself how it will benefit you and others. Your health and wellbeing affects all those around you.

Feeling delicious twenty-four-seven is a bit unrealistic and might become boring even if you could pull it off. Life is yin and yang. Light and shadow. Pleasure and pain. Joy and sorrow. To live a purposeful life find your passion and fill the free time that you have exploring what you can do with it (this excludes the time you have with your loved ones). Your passion will begin to take over, and more and more frequently you will wake up feeling delicious.

Grant Edwards
Founder/Adventurer at Soul Navigation Adventures
Grant Edwards is the founder of Soul Navigation Adventures. As a part time blogger and full time soul navigator his life purpose is to experience, and help others to experience, what a wonderful life this can be, and to espouse the need to make small changes in our lives so that we can become better, happier, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately more successful humans, who, through making positive change, will enable future generations to experience the adventure too. What will your legacy be? Your time starts now!