As mentioned in the first blog of this series, in any adventure worth its salt, too much planning is counter productive, you dont want to be thinking I must or.. I have to.. much at all. And so the twist that I referred to in my latest blog post has come to pass, The Tradouw Pass to be exact. I am recalibrating this adventure as I go. Having met Terence, a fellow bikepacker, pictured above, along the route just north of the Groot Rivier, he mentioned that the highlight of his trip to date had been the Tradouw Pass. So an idea I had already been mulling over became a change of course for my trip, and by the time I had reached Ronnie’s Sex Shop and Roadkill Cafe I had made up my mind. I was going to be leaving Route 62 behind me and heading down Tradouw Pass. It was more than just the idea of doing the Pass, there were other factors that lead to my decision to turn off the R62 at Barrydale, and to pass up on Montagu, Robertson, Worcester, Ceres and Wellington in so doing. 

The first factor was that I had been pushing mileage, working hard on the bike (which is what I love to do) and I wanted to spend more time exploring my umwelt. 

The second factor was that with less structure comes more freedom and spontaneity (as an Ironman athlete I am all about structure, as I would have to be if I were embarking on this trip for a world record of some sort. I am usually very rigid in what I do and sometimes this is good and necessary, but I am also aware that I can sometimes be overly rigid, when it is sometimes not completely necessary, and therefore the thought of recalibrating my trip felt like it would be some kind of psychological breakthrough, and quite liberating to boot, and wasn’t that the point? So even when you think that you’re old hat at this Soul Navigation thing, every time you step out on an adventure, it or your self will surprise you). I am infinitely excited now that I have more time and less structure for the home leg of this journey, that will take in all of the garden route with its beautiful passes and beaches. 

The third factor was that I could get back to Port Elizabeth and give Jess a lift home to the family in Queenstown in time for Christmas  (my original plan was to finish around the twenty-sixth of December). I would also get to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with them and see my precious Granddaughter experiencing her first Christmas. 

Compelling reasons all and there is a fourth factor that will be revealed when the time is right with love and light. 
I turned left outside Barrydale, leaving Route 62 (having been on it for five days) and headed down the exquisite Tradouw’s Pass and on to Riversdale. (Today I will reach Mossel Bay, 89kms away, and the start of the Garden Route. A rest day is calling. Soon)

Tradouw’s Pass is in the Langeberg mountain range and is 16kms long. the name means Women’s Pass in the Khoi language. it is something to behold. 

Grant Edwards
Founder/Adventurer at Soul Navigation Adventures
Grant Edwards is the founder of Soul Navigation Adventures. As a part time blogger and full time soul navigator his life purpose is to experience, and help others to experience, what a wonderful life this can be, and to espouse the need to make small changes in our lives so that we can become better, happier, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately more successful humans, who, through making positive change, will enable future generations to experience the adventure too. What will your legacy be? Your time starts now!